Shopify Store/Website UX Audit

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This is a UX audit of your Shopify store where I will go through your website and create a list of user experience issues with recommendations on how to fix them.

Building a new store with Shopify is easy, but getting it right is hard. Selling online requires web and design experience, and understanding how users shop online is vital to your strategy. My Shopify store UX audit is recommended if you have set up your store and require some help to make it easy to use with a great user experience.

What do you audit?

Each store is designed differently and contains different sets of products, so it's difficult to provide an actual list. But, to give you some examples, I will check and suggest improvements for:

  • The structure of the store, including navigation.
  • Search results.
  • The design and layout.
  • Product images, descriptions and other details for consistency.
  • Site and page speed.
  • Correct use of typography across the website.
  • The cart is working as expected.
  • For any potential code issues.

What will you get?

You'll get quick, actionable information in an easy-to-follow report of what needs to be improved on your Shopify store. The report is divided into three sections: low, medium and high priority improvements. Each of these priorities is then segmented further into a difficulty level for implementing a solution.

Can I use this for my non-Shopify website?

Yes. An audit can be completed for any type of website and is not limited to only Shopify.

When will I get the results?

I aim to email the results to you within 48 hours of purchase (excluding weekends).

I want this!

An easy-to-follow UX report listing improvements that can be made to your Shopify store to make a better customer experience.

I have 20+years experience working with ecommerce clients.
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